Hello Friends 👋🏾,

Today I want to share with you some of the apps that help me organise myself, get work done and overall just offer a pleasurable experience.

1. Drafts (iOS, watchOS and macOS – free)

Drafts offers an easy way to write Markdown. I love Markdown so much because of its commands. For example, if you want to write a h1 (Heading 1), you just type ‘# Hello World!’. Basically Markdown allows you to write beautified html. You don’t need to see all those tags. Instead it’s just good old text. One of my favourite parts about drafts is that it exports as Markdown, plain text, list in reminders, a tweet, as a message, the list goes on. Drafts is an iOS only application which is personally one of the cons for me, but other than it is awesome.

2. Notion (Windows, iOS and macOS – free)

Notion currently manages my personal life, school life and everything. If you compare my notion to someone like Ali Abdaal, my notion is not going to look to crazy. I have separated my notion into separate parts to organise a bit more. I have all my blogs in notion, school work, personal notebook, movie ratings, quick notes etc. I also have a shared notion with my friends RemiixInc and IhsFace.

3. Bitwarden (iOS, android and web extensions – free)

Bitwarden is a fantastic free password manager. It syncs your passwords between you iOS devices, android devices and web extension. My favourite feature about bitwarden is the randomly generated secure passwords. Bitwarden even has a dedicated tab for randomly generated passwords.

4. CARROT Weather – iOS (iOS and android – free)

First off, the design is beautiful. Curved edges, beautiful colours, accurate weather comfortable arrangement. What more could you ask for. Oh yeah, the quirky voice. While the iOS app is beyond amazing, the android app has not been given enough love. So I am mainly focusing on the iOS app. It has an awesome widget and a customisable feed. Just recently this weather app became free iOS. While you still have to pay a subscription for a few extra features, the free app is fine. No annoying ads, no “SUBSCRIBE NOW” in your face. Just a clean UI.

5. Procreate (iPad Only – $9.99)

Procreate is a really easy way to draw on the iPad. It has great layer support and tons of brushes to choose from. You can even import custom ones. I use it to sketch, doodle and create wallpapers for my website – https://grapeywalls.glitch.me. My favourite features are the auto shape and colour drag features. This is the only paid app on this list and it cost ten dollars. It is definitely a worthwhile buy and would recommend it to anyone that has an iPad and an Apple Pencil.

6. Birdie (iOS, free)

Birdie is a free, clean and simple twitter client. It removes ads, bots and shows top tweets from people you follow first. They also recently added a news tab for you twitter newsreaders out there. My favourite feature is the simplest. Being able to follow and tweet. There are some more popular clients that don’t let you tweet or follow if you aren’t subscribed to the pro plan. Birdie has an overall simple design and that’s what I like.

7. Microsoft Edge (All devices, free)

Microsoft Edge is my browser of choice for windows. That is until Dot Browser comes out. Many people think that Edge not as good as chrome because of their past experience. But now the new Edge is out, it is cleaner and faster. Edge has Chrome Extension support, nifty features like vertical tabs and collections. Overall I find that Edge is the best browser for Windows.

I hope you guys liked The Grapey Blog. If you did please share it to your friends and family. Have a great day!