Hello Friends 👋🏾,

You may have noticed that my website has changed quite a bit. This is because I have moved to WordPress. For those of you who don’t know, WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world. It powers more than 38% of the websites on the internet. That is not the reason I moved my website to WordPress though. The reason I moved website to WordPress is because of ease of use.

I love to code my website, tackle the challenges and learn new things, but, I found that it takes way too long to add small things to my website. For example, a few days ago, I added an iframe that automatically updates to show my latest YouTube video. I had gotten the JavaScript from somewhere else, so that did not affect the time spent. What affected the time spent was making the iframe compatible for phone screens since the majority of people are not going to be looking at my website on a laptop. The problem ended up being found TWO days later! It was a human error. Who would have known.

Using a CMS and a website maker seemed like the right direction to head in. I ended up choosing WordPress. Firstly, because it hosts 38% of the websites on the internet and secondly because I do not want to be paying absurd prices to “those” website makers. cough Wix cough. With that said, now whenever I want to publish a new blog post or add something new to my website I can add in a maximum of 10 minutes.

Anyway, that wraps it up for today. I hope you enjoyed!