Hello friends,

Today I am just going to post a random scene I wrote. I am considering the thought to make this a short film, so lets see.

Lying awake in bed at night…

I am woken up by a glint on my window. I sit up, half asleep and stare at the glint. My focus slowly shifts from the window to the sky where the moon stares at me, culpable for waking me up. I pull my covers back onto myself aggressively in attempt to sleep, but am disturbed yet again by the creaking of my old floorboards. Annoyed by the fact that I have been disturbed twice, I move my head up, only to realise that I had just hit my self on my bed. I swear to my myself under my breath. This time, I slowly pull my blanket off, wiggle my toes before they touch the orchestral disaster of floorboards and slide my feet into worn out thongs. My head takes a panoramic view of the bed room before I decide to go to my table and start drawing. Just as I’m about to sit down, I hear something break downstairs.

Without looking my hand instinctively moves towards my pencil case. I grab the sharpest pencil I can feel, and slowly start exiting the room with blood dripping off my hand. Then as I am walking, it hits me. I am the only one home. I think about possible weapons downstairs, heated waffle machine, the toaster and… KNIVES! I swallow the most saliva I’ve ever swallowed. My muscles clench, awaiting a fight. I start to sweat and all I think is, ‘Please be a weak person, please be a weak person’. This is because I do karate and from my past experiences, I am pretty decent, so… I might be able to put on a fight. Then I realise I’m at the bottom of the stairs. This is it.

My head turns abruptly as the clock starts to chime. My feet touch the ground and I know there’s no turning around. I walk towards the kitchen where the sound seemed to come from. The corner is there waiting for me to pass it and find out what the sound was. So I go in. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Or at least that’s what it seems like. I see my phone still buzzing with a broken screen. I pick it up. Staring at the half black screen. And now I see the cause of the sound. I vaguely make out the 3,000 notifications on the tiny screen. “Would you like a free month of YouTube Premium?”.