Hello Friends 👋🏾! Today I am going to be sharing some of my favourite Windows apps.

1. Modern Flyouts


This is Modern Flyouts. A free alternative to the default, ugly Windows flyouts. Modern Flyouts serves the same purpose but gives you more customisation over the look and feel of your flyouts. These flyouts work on volume, brightness, caps lock and insert and overtype mode.

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2. TaskbarX


TaskbarX gives you control over the position of your taskbar icons and the look of your taskbar. You can centre the icons, change the colour of your taskbar and change the position of your taskbar. I personally use this on my windows machine since I love the mac’s dock so much. I find that the centred icons make it easier to reach the icons with my cursor.

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3. ShareX


ShareX is a free and open source program that lets you capture or record any area of your screen and share it with a single press of a key. You can also register a free anonymous subdomain to automatically upload your screenshots and videos. I personally have set my subdomain to ihsaan.likes-throwing.rocks. You can also pixelate, blur, add text and more while taking a screenshot. There are more features hidden in the settings menu such setting up hotkeys. Personally, ShareX is one of my most used apps and I would recommend that you start using it too.

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4. Lector


Lector is my personal PDF reader of choice because of its simplicity and one feature which I’ll talk about later. Lector, is an electron app that doesn’t have a flashy design and doesn’t have an annotate feature. Besides the fact that Lector doesn’t have an annotate feature, (which doesn’t bother me much since I don’t annotate much) I admire its simplicity. For those rare occasions when I do need to annotate I use Drawboard PDF which you can download from the Microsoft Store. The one favourite feature I was talking about was that Lector detects the page number on the actual PDF unlike other PDF readers which will just count the amount of pages in the file. This feature comes in handy when I want to get to a specific page.

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5. PanWriter


PanWriter is an easy way to write Markdown on windows. For those of you that don’t know, Markdown is basically simplified html that looks nice. I regularly use PanWriter to write quick notes and do research. While PanWriter does offer a nice writing experience, I would not recommend that you use it to write essays. In my opinion, apps like Google Docs, Microsoft Word and Notion provide a better writing experience for long term pieces.

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