Keychron K2: A Mechanical Glory

The Keychron K2 v2 is my first ever mechanical keyboard, and as a first time user, here are my thoughts.

I have been using this keyboard for the past week and have been loving the typing experience. I got the K2 v2 with Gateron Brown Switches and RGB backlight (of course). The typing feels butter smooth and I haven’t had any issues with rattly keys. The RGB backlight comes with a range of options, but i have just stuck with a pulsing RGB effect as I have found that other effects are too distracting.

Though 90 WPM isn’t fast, I have been consistently getting 90+ WPM on all typing tests with this keyboard, compared to my old Logitech keyboard where I was only getting around 60-70 WPM.

You may have heard people talk about the wrist pains they have been getting from using the K2. As I have been using this keyboard daily for about six hours a day, I can safely say that I haven’t had that issue. In conclusion, I think this is a great keyboard for first time mechanical keyboard users since it is great quality, has RGB lights, is hot-swappable and has a good variety of switches to choose from.