Statsify + Scape

Hello Friends! Remiix and I have been working on two secret projects that I am going to unveil to you today. Both of them will be available to upvote on product hunt, so please do.

Statsify –

Statsify is a Spotify stats checker. All your Spotify listening stats are presented in a grid view design and divided into, ‘Top Tracks’ and ‘Top Artists’. Then your stats are divided into three time periods including 4 weeks, 6 months and all time. We do not store your password, username or statistics. You can start using Statsify here.

Scape –

About a year ago, we made Zearch. A new tab page extension that was focused on simplicity and delivering the time and weather fast. At the time we were thinking of adding more options to Zearch and making it more personalised, but we soon lost interest, the code became messy and finally we just gave up on it.

We have always been striving to create a clutter-less new tab page, and now its here. Today we are launching Scape. In other words an evolved version of Zearch. It finally fills the need for having a simple yet customisable new tab page. We are so excited to be launching Scape to Product Hunt and getting your valuable feedback. Scape is available on Chromium based browsers (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc.) and Firefox based browsers (Firefox, Waterfox, etc.). You can start using Scape here.

also quick shoutout to a very nice message i got on discord.